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  • Drought Emergency, State mandated 36% reduction in water consumption for Serrano Water District consumers. Irrigation is restricted to two days a week.


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Powerpoint Presentation from the Emergency Town Hall Meeting held on May 13
  • 36% Mandated Water Reduction Minimum
  • Watering restricted to two days per week 15 minutes per station.
  • Sprinkler use prohibited from 10am to 4pm
  • Washing down hard or paved surface prohibited
  • Refilling of more than one foot and initial filling of residential swimming pools or outdoor spas with potable water is prohibited.
  • Fix all leaks within 48 hours
  • No supplementing ponds or ornamental water features with water.
  • Wash vehicles with bucket or a hose equipped with shutoff nozzle.

Two days per week watering is feasible and you do not have to let your grass stress or perish. Most importantly, your lawn is not as healthy as it looks when you water more often. Below is an example water schedule that you can use to keep your landscape healthy during the drought and when there is no drought.

Example Watering Schedule

Serrano Water District Expands Conservation Measures

Press Release Drought April 2015

Water Conservation Ordinance Level I



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Serrano Water District (“SWD”) will hold a public hearing at 8:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday, March 10, 2015, at the Serrano Water District offices located 18021 Lincoln Street, Villa Park, CA 92861, to consider adjustments to certain of its miscellaneous fees and charges, including fees for paying bills by credit card, fees for tampering with locks installed by SWD, late payment fees, the charge for a delinquent bill door hanger, and the fee for meter testing. Any person wishing to provide public testimony or evidence regarding the proposed fee adjustments is invited to attend and provide public input at the public hearing

At least ten days prior to the date of this public hearing, data indicating the amount of the cost of providing the services covered by these fees and charges shall be available for public review and copying at the Serrano Water District office described above. Any questions regarding the proposed adjustments to the Serrano Water District miscellaneous fees, or the public hearing, may be directed to SWD Director of Administration Ann Michel, at (714) 538-0079 or swd4ann@aol.com



Villa Park, CA (October 17, 2014) – Serrano Water District recently received the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence from the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) in recognition of its outstanding efforts to promote transparency and good governance. The Certificate of Excellence is given to those agencies that demonstrate a commitment to ensuring their residents have access to agency information.

“This award is a testament to Serrano Water District’s commitment to open government,” said Woody Rickerl, President of the Serrano Water District Board of Directors. “The Board, along with our professional staff, appreciates the role we play by providing clean and reliable water to residents and business owners within our community. We will continue to ensure that our residents and ratepayers have access to information and that our meetings continue to be conducted in an open and transparent manner.”

“Serrano Water District is proud to receive this recognition from the Special Districts Leadership Foundation,” said Jerry Vilander, General Manager of Serrano Water District. “We understand how critically important it is to remain transparent to our ratepayers and look forward to continuing our tradition of remaining accessible and responsive to the community.”

Walter E Howiler Jr. Water Filtration Plant Opening
Water Plant Opening

The water service for the residents of Villa Park and a small portion of Orange is supplied by the Serrano Water District, which is an independent governmental body with an elected Board of Directors. It is separate and distinct from the City of Villa Park Municipal government, but is an integral part of the community.

The District is governed by a Board of Directors elected to terms of four years by the voters residing within the district. All board members reside in their assigned divisions and, as such, pay the same water rates as their neighbors. The members of the present board are: , C.L. "Larry" Pharris, Jr. , Board President; Frank O. Bryant, Vice President; and members, Robert F. Rickerl, Rich Freschi and Jerry L. Haight. The Board is responsible for overseeing the operations of the District and for making all major legal and financial decisions. The Board of Directors is also responsible for the management of Irvine Lake and its recreational activities.